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Female symbol tattoo

An interesting varation on the international female symbol, in tattoo form. This one has a “power on” button in middle of the circle which is different. I guess it gives new meaning to pressing the wrong (or right) buttons. Photo by angie k

Fossil tattoos

While at first sight, this unusal tattoo looks like a nasty insect bug, it is actually an extinct type of arthropod known as a Eurypterid or sea scorpion. These creatures lived in warm shallow waters 460 to 248 million years ago and are often found as fossils. They could grown to large as 6 feet long, but […]

Pen tool tattoo

This is another example of a pixel art tattoo. The guy who got this done is a graphic artist by trade and explains this tool is used for drawing vectors in such programs as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Tattoo was done by Charlotte Monster (Copenhagen, Denmark) Photo by Kofoed

modern art style tatoo

This modern art style of tattoo really stands out. It’s certainly great to see someting different like this and no doubt would get a few looks when out and about. Photo by Slightlynorth

central terminal buffalo

You don’t often see tattoos of abandoned public buildings, but here is the Buffalo Central Terminal in NY. Built in 1929 this grand, imposing and majestic building is a great example art deco of the period. The terminal was closed in 1979 and lay abandoned for many years. The building is still there and is currently maintained […]

Eagle over the pyramid

This interesting tattoo was done by Bailey Hunter Robinson of Brooklyn NY. I’m not entirely sure what is means, but I suspect it symbolizes something of importance to the person who has this tattoo.Photo by andyjperez

Flowers and name tattoo

Basic floral style with a name. It almost resembles a traditional Indian Mehndi style. Tattoo by Micaeltattoo (Brazil) Photo by micaeltattoo/Claudia F.

Mermaid self portrait tattoo

A great looking mermaid tattoo. Mermaids are mythical ocean creatures with the top half human female and the lower half of a fish. Artist unknown. Photo by mojoey

Beetlejuice tattoo

From the 1988 comedy, horror, fantasy movie Beetlejuice, if you can remember it, starring Michael Keaton. This tattoo of the main character Betelgeuse was done by artist Keeth Cherrington of Atomic Zombie Tattoo. Photo by Blind Insect at the Alberta Bound Tattoo and Arts Festival, Edmonton Canada 2009.

Dr Doom cartoon character tattoo

Dr Doom, the Marvel Comics supervillain is captured here in tattoo form. Dr Doom first appeared in Fantastic Four #5 in July 1962 and was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Photo by Blind Insect at the at the Alberta Bound Tattoo and Arts Festival, Edmonton Canada 2009

Dimebag Daryl and his guitar tattoo

Heavy metal guitarist “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott who was tragically shot and killed while performing on stage in Columbus, Ohio on 8 December 2004, is captured here in tattoo. He’s best known as a founding member of groups, Pantera and Damageplan and as a regular columnist for Guitar World magazine. Photo by Blind Insect at the Alberta Bound Tattoo and […]

Eye tattoo

It’s said some people have eyes in the back of their head. Well, this tattoo demonstrates you can have eyes in the back of your neck. Photo by micaeltattoo