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Koi tattoo on feet

This tattoo is an interesting mix of an astrological star sign(Pisces) and the famous Koi fish tattoo. Much symbolism in both of these: Piscean being a water sign, symbolises someone constantly trying to adapt to the feelings of others (reaally?). The Koi fish is a traditional tattoo symbolising strength, courage and the ability to overcome […]

Raging bull tattoo

Raging Bull:  The raging bull tattoo symbolizes everything the zodiac sign of Taurus stands for. That is… masculinity, power, ambition, consistency, dedication, passion and strength. On the other, hand it can also mean stubbornness. Photo by thehalfline

Koi fish tattoo on arm

A colourful blue Koi fish tattoo on upper arm. This one was done at the 2010 Arizona Tattoo Expo Koi fish tattoos can mean several things: Courage to come through a challenging situation(like a Koi fish swimming upstream) Good fortune, luck and wealth Love, relationships and romance Photo by s.bann

The king of octopuss tattoos

A cool looking tattoo of a octopus on the back. Octopuses can symbolize, intelligence, adaptability, stealth, illusion and mystery. Photo by Chan sama

Tree of life tattoo

This symbolic style tattoo is the tree of life. Photo by smugpuppies