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Tattoo based on Portland City Seal

Just discoved Portland, 2010 style: A cool tattoo based on the City of Portland seal. I love her red gloves and fish net stockings…and her blonde hair, oh my god I love this girl. Was she sailing on the boat like that? You have to love your city. Tattoo by Rowan at Raw Ink Tattoo, Portland Oregon. Photo […]

Stars on my Shoulder

A sweeping array of stars over the shoulder and chest. This still looks like a work in progress. I wonder if any colour is going to be added to this? Photo by killer20072001

Tribute to loved ones in stars tattoo

 A tattoo tribute to three special people. The text and stars look great. Photo by cwalker71

Ship Tattoo

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Ship Tattoo

Ships have always been great tattoo topics, especially amongst sailors. The stories and reminders of a journey and travel. However, you don’t need to be a sailor to to get a ship tattoo. This example of a ship surrounded by stars was done by Siri at Black and Blue Tattoo, San Francisco. Photo by Timoni