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Horned Woman Tattoo

A fantasy piece featuring a lovely lady with an interesting hair style that seems to morph in segmented horns. Almost a little Princess Leia-ish (Star Wars) in style  I thought. And below that is a skull with a rose from the eye socket just for good measure. Tattoo by Derrek Everette of BrokenArtTattoo Los Angeles CA. Photo by […]

Foot tattoo "I love you"

Feet are one place on the body that tattoos are less obvious and have the option of being concealed. Though limited by size, feet can still be an interesting place to have tattoos and are becoming increasingly popular especially with women. Having a left and right opens up all sorts of possibilities such as happy and sad, good and […]

Two heads skeleton tattoo

Two heads are better than one. This amazing tattoo was done by Hoode at Studio One Tattoo, Philadelphia. Photo by Studio One Tattoo

Techno Egyptian skull

Here’s a skull tattoo that’s a little different to your average skull tattoo. A Pharaoh skull, complete with ultra cool sun glasses and headphones. Photo by Hotflametattoo-pt

girls legs with tattoo skulls

Check these skull tattoos of this girl walking down Market Street, Sydney. Verry chic! Photo by sebr

Skull tattoo on librarian

Forget the imagine of your local librarian as being mild, conservative and a tad boring. This librarian goes the whole hog with a skull, books and Librarian banner. Nice one dude Tattoo by Ron Hendon of Midnight Iguana Tattooing, Athens GA. Photo by Jazzmodeus