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Th man with a face full of studs

Facial piercings, face paint and a chest tattoo. Body mods on full. Photo by Flawka

Piercing on back with corset

Here is a back full of great multiple piercings and corset work. Overall it looks quite good… but I guess hurt though. Photo by gary graves

Leg Corset Piercing

These multiple piercings complete with corset work on the leg calves are a little different. Although these piercings were only used for the duration of this short term photo shoot, the piercings themselves were very real and apparently quite painful when done.  Piercing work was done by Jesse Villarreal at Main Street Tattoo and Body Piercing […]


Episode two of Skin Art with Noel Boyd takes a look at microdermal and surface piercings. These types of piercings are a little different from those through the nose, ear lobe or belly button as microdermal piercings use an anchor embedded in the skin to secure the stud. Resident piercer, Jason at Marc Pinto’s Primitive […]

Belly button piercing

A great close up shot of a belly button piercing showing pearl jewelry. Photo by cwalker71

Lip ring

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Peirced lower lip

Pierced lower lip with ball style ring. Photo by Vissago