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Coffee bean tattoo

Here’s a tattoo of a coffee bean plant complete with beans still attached. Notice the heart shaped swirl behind the plants reminiscent of the fancy shapes you might get on your frothy coffee. Tattoo by Sandy Jones of Virtue Tattoo, Portland Oregon. Photo by Lay-Luh

Heart of wings tattoo on arm

Winged Heart tattoo: It’s a great tattoo, but just who is Mackenzie and Madison? Photo by shakesmonroe

Divine love tattoo

True Love Never Fades: A traditional styled tattoo with heart, bird and flowers. I love that style of typeface used for the text as well. Photo by shakesmonroe

Heart tattoo

Check this stunning rainbow heart tattoo. The colours are incredibly vibrant and bright. The tattoo artist was Ivana at Kaleidoscope Tattoo, in Bondi, NSW Australia. Photo by sillypucci