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Tattoo based on Portland City Seal

Just discoved Portland, 2010 style: A cool tattoo based on the City of Portland seal. I love her red gloves and fish net stockings…and her blonde hair, oh my god I love this girl. Was she sailing on the boat like that? You have to love your city. Tattoo by Rowan at Raw Ink Tattoo, Portland Oregon. Photo […]

Naked bloody girl with knife tattoo

This really is a gruesome tattoo when you look at it carefully. A naked girl slashing herself with a knife surrounded by what appears to be a snake. It really is great artwork and makes you think deeper about it. Tattoo done by Hoode over at Studio One Tattoo, Philadelphia. Photo by Studio One Tattoo

Mermaid self portrait tattoo

A great looking mermaid tattoo. Mermaids are mythical ocean creatures with the top half human female and the lower half of a fish. Artist unknown. Photo by mojoey