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Foot tattoo "I love you"

Feet are one place on the body that tattoos are less obvious and have the option of being concealed. Though limited by size, feet can still be an interesting place to have tattoos and are becoming increasingly popular especially with women. Having a left and right opens up all sorts of possibilities such as happy and sad, good and […]

Diamonds on her foot tattoo

Diamonds might be a girls best friend, but so are tattoos. And tattoos, like diamonds, are forever. This beauty is also great example a foot tattoo. Tattoo by Matt Davis at Main Street Tattoo and Body Piercing. Photo by leamonaidsea

Sqirrel tattoo on foot

Photo by Natalia Balcerska Photography Squirrel tattoo on foot. Done by Gre Hale of 81 Ink in Manchester, England.