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Koi tattoo on feet

This tattoo is an interesting mix of an astrological star sign(Pisces) and the famous Koi fish tattoo. Much symbolism in both of these: Piscean being a water sign, symbolises someone constantly trying to adapt to the feelings of others (reaally?). The Koi fish is a traditional tattoo symbolising strength, courage and the ability to overcome […]

Feet tattoos are blossoming: The ever popular cherry blossom tattoo… this time over ankles and feet. Tattoo by Michael Cruz at Trial by Ink Tattoos Photo by mytat_2s

Foot tattoo "I love you"

Feet are one place on the body that tattoos are less obvious and have the option of being concealed. Though limited by size, feet can still be an interesting place to have tattoos and are becoming increasingly popular especially with women. Having a left and right opens up all sorts of possibilities such as happy and sad, good and […]

Diamonds on her foot tattoo

Diamonds might be a girls best friend, but so are tattoos. And tattoos, like diamonds, are forever. This beauty is also great example a foot tattoo. Tattoo by Matt Davis at Main Street Tattoo and Body Piercing. Photo by leamonaidsea

tattoos on feet

These tattoos were spotted on the feet of a fashion design student. They feature (or is that feeture?) a sewing machine and dressmakers manikin on left and right foot. Very different and cool. Photo by ChiBart