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Two faces tattoo

Two faces tattoo. In this case it appears to be either evil or insane. ūüėĮ Photo by DarkIchigo152

Foot tattoo "I love you"

Feet are one place on the body that tattoos¬†are less obvious and have the option of being concealed. Though limited by size,¬†feet can still be an interesting place to have tattoos and are¬†becoming¬†increasingly popular especially with women. Having a left and right opens up all sorts of possibilities such as happy and sad, good and […]

Tattoo of family on the back

This family portrait captures faces of loved forever.¬†A bit hard to see for the person who’s back it’s on, but looks great anyhow.¬†The middle face seems to resemble Robin Williams character, Mrs Doubtfire. This tattoo was featured at the Alberta Bound Tattoo and Art’s Festival 2009. The work was done by guest artist Enrique Patino […]