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Daegan full face tattoo and piecings

As accepted as tattoo’s are in modern western culture now, face tattoos are still a rare sight to be seen on the average man or woman. Yeah, you walk down a crowded street and you can see people proudly displaying tatts on their arms, legs and necks, but it’s rare to see a facial tattoo. The jury […]

Th man with a face full of studs

Facial piercings, face paint and a chest tattoo. Body mods on full. Photo by Flawka

Tattoo done of face in tribal style

Is it a tribal tattoo? Is it a face? It’s a face tattoo done in a tribal style! Tattoo artist was Tereshot, studio unknown. Photo by luzge

modern art style tatoo

This modern art style of tattoo really stands out. It’s certainly great to see someting different like this and no doubt would get a few looks when out and about. Photo by Slightlynorth

Tattoo copied from original photo

Here is a tattoo that was created using an old original black and white photo as a guide. This was done by tattoo artist Enrique Patino from Lima, Peru, guest artist at Bear’s Skin Art. Photo by Blind Insect taken at the Alberta Bound Tattoo and Arts Festival, Edmonton Canada 2009.