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Owl tattoo on the side/back

Owls: Bird of the night, hunter, mysterious psychic energy, symbol of wisdom. Or just plain cute? Whatever reason, owl tattoos will never go out of style (unlike tribal tattoos), so they make a good choice 🙂 Photo by Andy.Schultz

Quince Blossoms Tattoo

Traditionally, cherry blossom tattoos have been popular, but this tattoo is a little different being of a quince blossom. Photo by miz ginevra

Piercing on back with corset

Here is a back full of great multiple piercings and corset work. Overall it looks quite good… but I guess hurt though. Photo by gary graves

The king of octopuss tattoos

A cool looking tattoo of a octopus on the back. Octopuses can symbolize, intelligence, adaptability, stealth, illusion and mystery. Photo by Chan sama

Tree of life tattoo

This symbolic style tattoo is the tree of life. Photo by smugpuppies

Tribute to loved ones in stars tattoo

 A tattoo tribute to three special people. The text and stars look great. Photo by cwalker71

lotus flower tattoo

A lovely back tattoo featuring lotus flowers in pink and blue. Tattoo was done by Veratattoo. Photo by Feli(6)

Eye tattoo

It’s said some people have eyes in the back of their head. Well, this tattoo demonstrates you can have eyes in the back of your neck. Photo by micaeltattoo

Star tattoo with words inside

An awesome idea for a star tattoo. A five pointed star with meaniful words inside. This one was was done at Temple Tattoo in Portland by tattooist Peter. Photo by I am paul’s typing fingers