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Tattoo of Kittens

Kute Kittens: These kittens look a little concerned about something, judging from the look on their faces. But these are no ordinary kittens, they are in the style of Louis Wain famous for his drawings of large eyed cats and kittens. Extremely successful with his art but towards the end of his life, Wain suffered from […]

keith haring tattoo style

Keith Haring styled tattoo. Photo by The Pug Father Kieth Haring Mural. Photo by racoles Keith Haring(1958-1990) was a renowned underground New York artist who’s subway art was seen daily by thousands of New York passengers. His fast and simple approach to art was a refreshing change at the time, and many of his works […]

Pixie on a toadstool tattoo by Jimmy Mariani

A tattoo of a pixie sitting on a toadstool. This work of art was done by Jimmy Mariani at Studio One Tattoo, Philadelphia. Photo by Studio One Tattoo

modern art style tatoo

This modern art style of tattoo really stands out. It’s certainly great to see someting different like this and no doubt would get a few looks when out and about. Photo by Slightlynorth

Human branding

Singaporean tattoo guru and writer of A Tattooed Blog, Noel Boyd, presents this episode of Skin Art with expert Marc Pinto who demonstrates how human branding is done. As Noel explains, human branding is an artist burning a design onto someones skin to form a permanent scar.   Whilst this sounds like a pretty painful experience to go […]

sign language tattoo

This line art style tattoo uses hands to spell out a word in sign language. But what does it say? I love a good mystery. Photo by graphic.ward