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Cross stitch tattoo

When you’re truly driven by a crafty passion such as cross stitching, you have to go one step further to show your really serious about the craft. That means only one thing: getting a tattoo. Take this tattoo of a cross stitch pattern, who would have thought this looks so cool! Photo by benjibot

Top Cat Tattoo

Two heads are better than one. A tattoo based on the Top Cat character from the original 1960’s Hanna-Barbera cartoon series of the same name. Illustration by Dennis Kennedy and tattooed by Lewis Hess.  Photo by richardjule510

At first glance this tattoo looked slightly Freemasonish, but on closer inspection I think it’s more cartographic-ish. That’s a map maker by the way. Photo by sheriffmitchell

Freaky Robot Tattoo

A retro styled 1950’s robot tattoo. Quite unusual, don’t see many like this! Photo by benchilada

Heart of wings tattoo on arm

Winged Heart tattoo: It’s a great tattoo, but just who is Mackenzie and Madison? Photo by shakesmonroe

Divine love tattoo

True Love Never Fades: A traditional styled tattoo with heart, bird and flowers. I love that style of typeface used for the text as well. Photo by shakesmonroe

To Do List Tattoo

Jobs to do: At last, a practical tattoo. This clever person has a “To Do” list tattooed on their arm. Although it might appear a bit whimsical a first sight, but later, major life goals can be tattooed on there for example. When that is completed a line can be drawn through it. Tattoo work by Leila at […]

Mother Earth Tattoo

Mum’s the world: A good twist on the traditional mother tattoo… environmentally aware, this is the *mother earth tattoo*.  Tattoo was done at Sacred Heart Tattoo and Piercing(Vancouver, Canada) by artist Nick Wasko. Photo by linsay.dee.bunny/Melissa Dex Guzman

Super Mario tattoo

Nintendo’s best known video game character, Super Mario is immortalised in this great arm tattoo. Photo by Basically Still

celtic knot tattoo

This interesting celtic knot design was done at Iron Brush Tattoo by Tyson. Read more about this tattoo design at NeoPaganInk Photo by Photo o’ Randomness