Kurt Cobain tattoo

Kurt Cobain, lead singer of American band Nirvana is captured here in tattoo. Kurt Cobain died on 8 April 1994 by suicide. Photo by Hotflametattoo-pt

drum set tattoo

If you love drums and love tattoos, then check this cool drum set tattoo. Photo by Hotflametattoo-pt

Techno Egyptian skull

Here's a skull tattoo that's a little different to your average skull tattoo. A Pharaoh skull, complete with ultra cool sun glasses and headphones. Photo by Hotflametattoo-pt

Diamonds on her foot tattoo

Diamonds might be a girls best friend, but so are tattoos. And tattoos, like diamonds, are forever. This beauty is also great example a foot tattoo. Tattoo by Matt Davis at Main Street Tattoo and Body Piercing. Photo by leamonaidsea

lotus flower tattoo

A lovely back tattoo featuring lotus flowers in pink and blue. Tattoo was done by Veratattoo. Photo by Feli(6)

demon inside tattoo

When someone says you have the devil inside, show them this tattoo. This little beasty is trying to get out and create a bit of mayhem. Great 3D effect with this tattoo. Photo by curson

Belly button piercing

A great close up shot of a belly button piercing showing pearl jewelry. Photo by cwalker71

tattoos on feet

These tattoos were spotted on the feet of a fashion design student. They feature (or is that feeture?) a sewing machine and dressmakers manikin on left and right foot. Very different and cool. Photo by ChiBart

Heart tattoo

Check this stunning rainbow heart tattoo. The colours are incredibly vibrant and bright. The tattoo artist was Ivana at Kaleidoscope Tattoo, in Bondi, NSW Australia. Photo by sillypucci

lip tattoo slayer

Lip tattoos are one of the few types of internal tattoos that can be applied to the body, and are most commonly done on the inside of the lower lip. Love them or hate them, why do people get these types of tattoos anyway? The answer is easy. It's great for those moments when people ask how are ...

Octopuss tattoo

Here is a mehndi styled octopus tattoo done on the back.  A lovely far east type of tattoo you might expect to get in India or Thailand..or umm San Francisco. This one is still a work in progress. Photo by Shannon Archuleta

Pansies and aster tattoo

Check out this large tattoo of pansies and aster. The purple and pink look are so vividly stunning and contrast well with the green leaves. Photo by Shannon Archuleta