A very fishy Karp tattoo

A splendid and very colourful tattoo of a koi carp fish. These fish are a symbol of love and friendship. Tattoo work by Marnie at TLC Geneva. Photo by Shinobi32768

Stars on my Shoulder

A sweeping array of stars over the shoulder and chest. This still looks like a work in progress. I wonder if any colour is going to be added to this? Photo by killer20072001

Chicory Ankle Tattoo

This cool chicory flower tattoo was done by tattoo artist Jemola at Resurrected Tattoo, Syracuse. Photo by sandburchick

Two faces tattoo

Two faces tattoo. In this case it appears to be either evil or insane. 😯 Photo by DarkIchigo152

UV Tattoo on fingers

Singapore based tattoo enthusiast and blogger Noel Boyd continues his online video series Skin Art with episode 3 showing the process of getting a UV tattoo. These are applied just like regular tattoos and are virtually invisible in normal light but when viewed under ultraviolet(UV) light, it glows. Pretty amazing. UV tattoo expert, Richard at Body Decor Tattoo & Piercing(Singapore) explains UV inks generally have a life ...

M4 assault rilfe tattoo for army guys

When your serving in the military (or have served) and you love tattoos, then one symbolic way to remember your time spent there is a tattoo of the  everyday equipment you used and perhaps, life depended on. In this case it's a smokin' M4 assault rifle. Photo by Tobyotter

Tattoo for patriotic Americans

God bless America. A real symbol of patriotism here is this tattoo of the American flag and eagle with the words AMERICA. Also good would be Statue of Liberty or a map of the USA with your home town. Photo by Tojosan

Do you like this tattoo?

I love good tattoo artwork, but this one gets close to crossing line for me. I love the the text "The future is unwritten", but the schoolboy scratchy style of this tattoo's artwork somehow makes me think this could have been executed in a better way. What do you think? Photo by cayoo

Butterfly and flowers tattoo

An old favourite for every peace loving flirty sort of person is the standard butterfly tattoo. This one has the optional Chrysanthemum flowers included 🙂 Photo by micaeltattoo

keith haring tattoo style

Keith Haring styled tattoo. Photo by The Pug Father Kieth Haring Mural. Photo by racoles Keith Haring(1958-1990) was a renowned underground New York artist who's subway art was seen daily by thousands of New York passengers. His fast and simple approach to art was a refreshing change at the time, and many of his works are now ...

Leg Corset Piercing

These multiple piercings complete with corset work on the leg calves are a little different. Although these piercings were only used for the duration of this short term photo shoot, the piercings themselves were very real and apparently quite painful when done.  Piercing work was done by Jesse Villarreal at Main Street Tattoo and Body Piercing ...

Owl Tattoo

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tattoo of owl

A really great tattoo of a cute owl. Photo by micaeltattoo