Brush stroke style tattoo

A stroke of Wachob: A brush stroke tattoo done in the style of New York artist and tattooist Amanda Wachob. This particular abstract tattoo, based on a piece by Amanda Wachob was done by Matt E. Hayes of Spider Rose Tattoo(Glenwood Springs, Colorado). More about Amanda Wachob: Interview with Amanda Wachob Amanda Wachob's website Photo by e.marie

Feet tattoos are blossoming: The ever popular cherry blossom tattoo... this time over ankles and feet. Tattoo by Michael Cruz at Trial by Ink Tattoos Photo by mytat_2s

Less than 3 symbol tattoo

Geeky heart art:  Wrist tattoos for him and her, made from less than symbol(<)and number 3.  For lovers of ASCII art and mathematics. Of course they can be modified in the future as well, if you think creatively. Photo by sally monster

Tattoo done of face in tribal style

Is it a tribal tattoo? Is it a face? It's a face tattoo done in a tribal style! Tattoo artist was Tereshot, studio unknown. Photo by luzge

Quince Blossoms Tattoo

Traditionally, cherry blossom tattoos have been popular, but this tattoo is a little different being of a quince blossom. Photo by miz ginevra

Latitude and Longitude tattoo

Something different for a wrist tattoo. Latitude and longitude coordinates of places where this girl has lived previously. Photo by rachel_graham

Koi fish tattoo on arm

A colourful blue Koi fish tattoo on upper arm. This one was done at the 2010 Arizona Tattoo Expo Koi fish tattoos can mean several things: Courage to come through a challenging situation(like a Koi fish swimming upstream) Good fortune, luck and wealth Love, relationships and romance Photo by s.bann

Piercing on back with corset

Here is a back full of great multiple piercings and corset work. Overall it looks quite good... but I guess hurt though. Photo by gary graves

The hibiscus and lizard tattoo

The Jamaican Anole lizard is an interesting contrast together with a Hibiscus flower. One is red, the other is green. One is plant, the other animal. One is pretty, the other is ugly. The tattoo work was done Tim Orth. Check out Tim's website: Tim Orth Fine art and Tattoos Photo by 561design

Foot tattoo with cross

From the Munich Tattoo Convention, this tattoo of an ankle bracelet and cross has been done so well, it's as if it's the real thing. Amazing. Photo by gegenalles

Nine to five diamond

Working hard for wages, day after day, nine to five. Towards that goal. One day you'll get your reward? Like great art, this tattoo makes you stop, think and wonder what it's trying to say. The answer is of course, no answer. Tattoo work was done by Kyle Montoyaof Downtown Tattoo, Las Vegas. Photo by Sir Oras

The king of octopuss tattoos

A cool looking tattoo of a octopus on the back. Octopuses can symbolize, intelligence, adaptability, stealth, illusion and mystery. Photo by Chan sama