Teddy bear tattoo on arm

Oh teddy bear! Apparently this tattoo has been adapted from a drawing of a real childhood teddy bear. Beaten, battered and slightly ragged, the teddy bear lives on... albeit in tattoo form. Childhood memories remind us of how once life was simple, happy and free. As with all great art, there is story behind it and it can be ...

Daisy Tattoo on leg

These daisys tattoo tribute were done by tattoo artist Dave Allen at Baltimore Tattoo Museum. Photo by chedderfish

Freaky Robot Tattoo

A retro styled 1950's robot tattoo. Quite unusual, don't see many like this! Photo by benchilada

Th man with a face full of studs

Facial piercings, face paint and a chest tattoo. Body mods on full. Photo by Flawka

Perth Tattoo Carnival 2010

To sum up the current tattoo climate in Perth is to say Perth people love tattoos. Rest assured tattoo artists, your work is well and truly appreciated here. The Perth Tattoo Carnival was held over 3 days from May 28-30 at the centrally located Perth Convention Centre. As this was the first PTAA(Professional Tattooing Association of Australia) ...

Postage stamp on wrist tattoo

Stamp of approval: I'm not sure if it's symbolic or just artistic freedom, but this wrist tattoo of a postage stamp is in category cool. The depicted bird is apparently a Mockingbird, which is the state bird of Texas. Photo by bowena

Heart of wings tattoo on arm

Winged Heart tattoo: It's a great tattoo, but just who is Mackenzie and Madison? Photo by shakesmonroe

Raging bull tattoo

Raging Bull:  The raging bull tattoo symbolizes everything the zodiac sign of Taurus stands for. That is... masculinity, power, ambition, consistency, dedication, passion and strength. On the other, hand it can also mean stubbornness. Photo by thehalfline

Divine love tattoo

True Love Never Fades: A traditional styled tattoo with heart, bird and flowers. I love that style of typeface used for the text as well. Photo by shakesmonroe

That puma tattoo

Cats gone wild: Not your average little pussycat tattoo, but a wild animal climbing up your leg. Owwww! Photo by shakesmonroe

To Do List Tattoo

Jobs to do: At last, a practical tattoo. This clever person has a "To Do" list tattooed on their arm. Although it might appear a bit whimsical a first sight, but later, major life goals can be tattooed on there for example. When that is completed a line can be drawn through it. Tattoo work by Leila at The ...

Mother Earth Tattoo

Mum's the world: A good twist on the traditional mother tattoo... environmentally aware, this is the *mother earth tattoo*.  Tattoo was done at Sacred Heart Tattoo and Piercing(Vancouver, Canada) by artist Nick Wasko. Photo by linsay.dee.bunny/Melissa Dex Guzman