sign language tattoo

This line art style tattoo uses hands to spell out a word in sign language. But what does it say? I love a good mystery. Photo by graphic.ward

celtic knot tattoo

This interesting celtic knot design was done at Iron Brush Tattoo by Tyson. Read more about this tattoo design at NeoPaganInk Photo by Photo o' Randomness

Star tattoo with words inside

An awesome idea for a star tattoo. A five pointed star with meaniful words inside. This one was was done at Temple Tattoo in Portland by tattooist Peter. Photo by I am paul's typing fingers

Batman tattoo

From avid reader of DC comics, Marlon, this tattoo of the famous Batman logo on his arm. Photo by Kevin Steele

Space invaders tattoo

Retro computing guy, Blake Paterson, has shown his dedication to the subject of classic gaming and computing with this space invader styled tattoo inked on his arm. It's pretty cool. Photo by Blakespot

Skull tattoo on librarian

Forget the imagine of your local librarian as being mild, conservative and a tad boring. This librarian goes the whole hog with a skull, books and Librarian banner. Nice one dude Tattoo by Ron Hendon of Midnight Iguana Tattooing, Athens GA. Photo by Jazzmodeus

Symbol style tattoo on arm

Imelda writes about her new tattoo: I had been wanting a new tattoo for a while but wasn't sure what. Instead of a tattoo immediately, I got a new piercing on the 27th. I went to Book People and looked at all kinds of tattoo and design books until I found a symbols and logos book that ...

Dragon tattoo

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dragon tattoo on arm

A great looking dragon tattoo on the arm of Koen of Netherlands. Photo by Ferdi's World

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Tattoo cover up

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Cover upCover up

When your tired of and old tattoo, it’s possible go over it when and entirely new tattoo.

Sqirrel tattoo on foot

Photo by Natalia Balcerska Photography Squirrel tattoo on foot. Done by Gre Hale of 81 Ink in Manchester, England. 

Octopus tattoo with colour

This  interesting and colourful half sleeve octopus is done by New Orleans tattooist Henry at the Electric Ladyland Studio on Frenchman street. Still not yet finished. Photos by MissMalaprop