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To Do List Tattoo

Jobs to do: At last, a practical tattoo. This clever person has a “To Do” list tattooed on their arm. Although it might appear a bit whimsical a first sight, but later, major life goals can be tattooed on there for example. When that is completed a line can be drawn through it. Tattoo work by Leila at […]

Tattoo for patriotic Americans

God bless America. A real symbol of patriotism here is this tattoo of the American flag and eagle with the words AMERICA. Also good would be Statue of Liberty or a map of the USA with your home town. Photo by Tojosan

Do you like this tattoo?

I love good tattoo artwork, but this one gets close to crossing line for me. I love the the text “The future is unwritten”, but the schoolboy scratchy style of this tattoo’s artwork somehow makes me think this could have been executed in a better way. What do you think? Photo by cayoo

Get a little action in!

Well who would have thought that Elton John’s 1973 hit song “Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting” would be used for a tattoo? But if anything, this is a tattoo sort of song. Get a little action in!! Tattoo done by Jimmy Mariani over at Studio One Tattoo, Philadelphia. Photo by Studio One Tattoo

Ruby Slippers tattoo

Hello yellow brick road with ruby red slippers. This interesting tattoo has the positive words of “I do believe I’ve been changed for the better”. Tattoo done at Katalist Konsepts, Fort Collins. Photo by graphic.ward

Tribute to loved ones in stars tattoo

 A tattoo tribute to three special people. The text and stars look great. Photo by cwalker71

Minneapolis tattoo

A patriotic citizen of Minneapolis MN, has this tattoo on their arm. You can leave the city, but the city will never leave you.  Photo by ChiBart

Star tattoo with words inside

An awesome idea for a star tattoo. A five pointed star with meaniful words inside. This one was was done at Temple Tattoo in Portland by tattooist Peter. Photo by I am paul’s typing fingers