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At first glance this tattoo looked slightly Freemasonish, but on closer inspection I think it’s more cartographic-ish. That’s a map maker by the way. Photo by sheriffmitchell

Owl tattoo on the side/back

Owls: Bird of the night, hunter, mysterious psychic energy, symbol of wisdom. Or just plain cute? Whatever reason, owl tattoos will never go out of style (unlike tribal tattoos), so they make a good choice ūüôā Photo by Andy.Schultz

Koi tattoo on feet

This tattoo is an interesting mix of an astrological star sign(Pisces) and the famous Koi fish tattoo. Much symbolism in both of these: Piscean being a water sign, symbolises someone constantly trying to adapt to the feelings of others (reaally?). The Koi fish is a traditional tattoo symbolising strength, courage and the ability to overcome […]

Teddy bear tattoo on arm

Oh teddy bear! Apparently this tattoo¬†has been¬†adapted from a drawing of a real childhood teddy bear. Beaten, battered and slightly ragged, the teddy bear lives on… albeit¬†in tattoo form. Childhood memories remind us¬†of how once life was simple, happy and free. As with all great art, there is story behind it and it can be […]

Postage stamp on wrist tattoo

Stamp of approval: I’m not sure if it’s symbolic or just artistic freedom, but this wrist tattoo of a postage stamp is in category cool. The depicted bird is apparently a Mockingbird, which is the state bird of Texas. Photo by bowena

Raging bull tattoo

Raging Bull:¬† The raging bull tattoo¬†symbolizes everything the zodiac sign of Taurus stands for. That is… masculinity, power, ambition, consistency, dedication, passion and strength. On the other, hand it can also mean stubbornness. Photo by thehalfline

Koi fish tattoo on arm

A colourful blue Koi fish tattoo on upper arm. This one was done at the 2010 Arizona Tattoo Expo Koi fish tattoos can mean several things: Courage to come through a challenging situation(like a Koi fish swimming upstream) Good fortune, luck and wealth Love, relationships and romance Photo by s.bann

Nine to five diamond

Working hard for wages, day after day, nine to five. Towards that goal. One day you’ll get your¬†reward? Like great art, this tattoo makes you stop, think and¬†wonder what it’s trying to say. The answer is of course, no answer. Tattoo work was done by Kyle Montoyaof Downtown Tattoo, Las Vegas. Photo by Sir Oras

The king of octopuss tattoos

A cool looking tattoo of a octopus on the back. Octopuses can symbolize, intelligence, adaptability, stealth, illusion and mystery. Photo by Chan sama

A very fishy Karp tattoo

A splendid and very colourful tattoo of a koi carp fish. These fish are a symbol of love and friendship. Tattoo work by Marnie at TLC Geneva. Photo by Shinobi32768

Stars on my Shoulder

A sweeping array of stars over the shoulder and chest. This still looks like a work in progress. I wonder if any colour is going to be added to this? Photo by killer20072001

M4 assault rilfe tattoo for army guys

When your serving in the¬†military¬†(or have served)¬†and you love tattoos, then one¬†symbolic way to remember your time spent there is a tattoo of the¬† everyday equipment you¬†used and perhaps, life depended on. In this case it’s a smokin’ M4 assault rifle. Photo by Tobyotter