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Doctor Who

When you’re big fan of BBC series, Doctor Who, what could be more fulfilling than getting inked with an image of the good doctors’ main mode of transport, the Tardis. Unless of course you’re rooting for the bad guys! Photo by barleyguy

Freaky Robot Tattoo

A retro styled 1950’s robot tattoo. Quite unusual, don’t see many like this! Photo by benchilada

To Do List Tattoo

Jobs to do: At last, a practical tattoo. This clever person has a “To Do” list tattooed on their arm. Although it might appear a bit whimsical a first sight, but later, major life goals can be tattooed on there for example. When that is completed a line can be drawn through it. Tattoo work by Leila at […]

Mother Earth Tattoo

Mum’s the world: A good twist on the traditional mother tattoo… environmentally aware, this is the *mother earth tattoo*.  Tattoo was done at Sacred Heart Tattoo and Piercing(Vancouver, Canada) by artist Nick Wasko. Photo by linsay.dee.bunny/Melissa Dex Guzman

Less than 3 symbol tattoo

Geeky heart art:  Wrist tattoos for him and her, made from less than symbol(<)and number 3.  For lovers of ASCII art and mathematics. Of course they can be modified in the future as well, if you think creatively. Photo by sally monster

Latitude and Longitude tattoo

Something different for a wrist tattoo. Latitude and longitude coordinates of places where this girl has lived previously. Photo by rachel_graham

Pen tool tattoo

This is another example of a pixel art tattoo. The guy who got this done is a graphic artist by trade and explains this tool is used for drawing vectors in such programs as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Tattoo was done by Charlotte Monster (Copenhagen, Denmark) Photo by Kofoed

Contra Spread gun tattoo

This tattoo is based on the icon for the spreadgun weapon used in the 1987 Konami video arcade game, Contra. This a great example of a gaming pixel art design gone tattoo. Don’t mess with this guy, OK. Photo by Justin and Elise

Pacman Tattoo

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Pacman tattoo

Pacman tattoo. A great example of retro gaming style. Photo by Guin’s View

Dr who time lord seal tattoo

A must for every Dr Who fan. This Time Lord Seal tattoo is the perfect birthday present for the hardest of hard core Doctor Who fans. By the way, who was better, Tom Baker or John Pertwee? Photo by Benchilada

Calculator tattoo

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Calculator Tattoo

Every day items when used as tattoo really stand out. This sort of thing is quite popular with the retro computing/technology enthusiasts. Photo by teriyaki tofu