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Horned Woman Tattoo

A fantasy piece featuring a lovely lady with an interesting hair style that seems to morph in segmented horns. Almost a little Princess Leia-ish (Star Wars) in style  I thought. And below that is a skull with a rose from the eye socket just for good measure. Tattoo by Derrek Everette of BrokenArtTattoo Los Angeles CA. Photo by […]

Daisy Tattoo on leg

These daisys tattoo tribute were done by tattoo artist Dave Allen at Baltimore Tattoo Museum. Photo by chedderfish

Divine love tattoo

True Love Never Fades: A traditional styled tattoo with heart, bird and flowers. I love that style of typeface used for the text as well. Photo by shakesmonroe

Feet tattoos are blossoming: The ever popular cherry blossom tattoo… this time over ankles and feet. Tattoo by Michael Cruz at Trial by Ink Tattoos Photo by mytat_2s

Quince Blossoms Tattoo

Traditionally, cherry blossom tattoos have been popular, but this tattoo is a little different being of a quince blossom. Photo by miz ginevra

The hibiscus and lizard tattoo

The Jamaican Anole lizard is an interesting contrast together with a Hibiscus flower. One is red, the other is green. One is plant, the other animal. One is pretty, the other is ugly. The tattoo work was done Tim Orth. Check out Tim’s website: Tim Orth Fine art and Tattoos Photo by 561design

Chicory Ankle Tattoo

This cool chicory flower tattoo was done by tattoo artist Jemola at Resurrected Tattoo, Syracuse. Photo by sandburchick

Butterfly and flowers tattoo

An old favourite for every peace loving flirty sort of person is the standard butterfly tattoo. This one has the optional Chrysanthemum flowers included 🙂 Photo by micaeltattoo

Foot tattoo "I love you"

Feet are one place on the body that tattoos are less obvious and have the option of being concealed. Though limited by size, feet can still be an interesting place to have tattoos and are becoming increasingly popular especially with women. Having a left and right opens up all sorts of possibilities such as happy and sad, good and […]

lotus flower tattoo

A lovely back tattoo featuring lotus flowers in pink and blue. Tattoo was done by Veratattoo. Photo by Feli(6)

Pansies and aster tattoo

Check out this large tattoo of pansies and aster. The purple and pink look are so vividly stunning and contrast well with the green leaves. Photo by Shannon Archuleta

Stargazer Lily tattoo

A stargazer lily tattoo. This tattoo was done by Manny at Custom Tattoo (Albuquerque, New Mexico). Stargazer lilies are apparently toxic to cats! Photo by Emily Lewis