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Horned Woman Tattoo

A fantasy piece featuring a lovely lady with an interesting hair style that seems to morph in segmented horns. Almost a little Princess Leia-ish (Star Wars) in style  I thought. And below that is a skull with a rose from the eye socket just for good measure. Tattoo by Derrek Everette of BrokenArtTattoo Los Angeles CA. Photo by […]

Pixie on a toadstool tattoo by Jimmy Mariani

A tattoo of a pixie sitting on a toadstool. This work of art was done by Jimmy Mariani at Studio One Tattoo, Philadelphia. Photo by Studio One Tattoo

Mermaid self portrait tattoo

A great looking mermaid tattoo. Mermaids are mythical ocean creatures with the top half human female and the lower half of a fish. Artist unknown. Photo by mojoey