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Top Cat Tattoo

Two heads are better than one. A tattoo based on the Top Cat character from the original 1960’s Hanna-Barbera cartoon series of the same name. Illustration by Dennis Kennedy and tattooed by Lewis Hess.  Photo by richardjule510

Wonder Woman Tattoo by Hoode

A tattoo of Wonder Woman done by Hoode of Studio One Tattoo, Philadelphia. Photo by Studio One Tattoo

Tattoo of Donald Duck

Walt Disney cartoon and comic book character Donald Duck is captured here by Studio One Tattoo artist, Greg Montone. Photo by Studio One Tattoo

Dr Doom cartoon character tattoo

Dr Doom, the Marvel Comics supervillain is captured here in tattoo form. Dr Doom first appeared in Fantastic Four #5 in July 1962 and was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Photo by Blind Insect at the at the Alberta Bound Tattoo and Arts Festival, Edmonton Canada 2009

Clavin and Hobbes Tattoo

Who would have thought Calvin and Hobbes, the cartoon characters created by Bill Watterson would end up being tattooed. Well here they are… Photo by AlSasaki

Batman and Joker tattoo

Batman and Joker playing card style tattoo. Good versus evil, a great theme for a tattoo. Photo by bucaorg

Nunzilla tattoo

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Nunzilla tattoo

Nunzilla, the iconic fire breathing Catholic teacher complete with her bible and ruler captured brilliantly in this leg tattoo. Tattoo done at Against the Grain Tattoo Florida. Photo by archiemcphee

Batman tattoo

From avid reader of DC comics, Marlon, this tattoo of the famous Batman logo on his arm. Photo by Kevin Steele