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Tattoo of Kittens

Kute Kittens: These kittens look a little concerned about something, judging from the look on their faces. But these are no ordinary kittens, they are in the style of Louis Wain famous for his drawings of large eyed cats and kittens. Extremely successful with his art but towards the end of his life, Wain suffered from […]

Tattoo based on Portland City Seal

Just discoved Portland, 2010 style: A cool tattoo based on the City of Portland seal. I love her red gloves and fish net stockings…and her blonde hair, oh my god I love this girl. Was she sailing on the boat like that? You have to love your city. Tattoo by Rowan at Raw Ink Tattoo, Portland Oregon. Photo […]

Small tattoos are cool

Whilst tattoos can be seriously large pieces, such as a large tattoo encompassing the entire back, on the chest, half sleeve style or even a full Japanese style body suit. But sometimes, less is more, as they say… take this small diamond tattoo on the finger. This could be the one and only tattoo on your body […]

Teddy bear tattoo on arm

Oh teddy bear! Apparently this tattoo has been adapted from a drawing of a real childhood teddy bear. Beaten, battered and slightly ragged, the teddy bear lives on… albeit in tattoo form. Childhood memories remind us of how once life was simple, happy and free. As with all great art, there is story behind it and it can be […]

Postage stamp on wrist tattoo

Stamp of approval: I’m not sure if it’s symbolic or just artistic freedom, but this wrist tattoo of a postage stamp is in category cool. The depicted bird is apparently a Mockingbird, which is the state bird of Texas. Photo by bowena

Divine love tattoo

True Love Never Fades: A traditional styled tattoo with heart, bird and flowers. I love that style of typeface used for the text as well. Photo by shakesmonroe

To Do List Tattoo

Jobs to do: At last, a practical tattoo. This clever person has a “To Do” list tattooed on their arm. Although it might appear a bit whimsical a first sight, but later, major life goals can be tattooed on there for example. When that is completed a line can be drawn through it. Tattoo work by Leila at […]

Mother Earth Tattoo

Mum’s the world: A good twist on the traditional mother tattoo… environmentally aware, this is the *mother earth tattoo*.  Tattoo was done at Sacred Heart Tattoo and Piercing(Vancouver, Canada) by artist Nick Wasko. Photo by linsay.dee.bunny/Melissa Dex Guzman

Brush stroke style tattoo

A stroke of Wachob: A brush stroke tattoo done in the style of New York artist and tattooist Amanda Wachob. This particular abstract tattoo, based on a piece by Amanda Wachob was done by Matt E. Hayes of Spider Rose Tattoo(Glenwood Springs, Colorado). More about Amanda Wachob: Interview with Amanda Wachob Amanda Wachob’s website Photo by e.marie

Tattoo done of face in tribal style

Is it a tribal tattoo? Is it a face? It’s a face tattoo done in a tribal style! Tattoo artist was Tereshot, studio unknown. Photo by luzge

keith haring tattoo style

Keith Haring styled tattoo. Photo by The Pug Father Kieth Haring Mural. Photo by racoles Keith Haring(1958-1990) was a renowned underground New York artist who’s subway art was seen daily by thousands of New York passengers. His fast and simple approach to art was a refreshing change at the time, and many of his works […]

modern art style tatoo

This modern art style of tattoo really stands out. It’s certainly great to see someting different like this and no doubt would get a few looks when out and about. Photo by Slightlynorth