UV Tattoo on fingersSingapore based tattoo enthusiast and blogger Noel Boyd continues his online video series Skin Art with episode 3 showing the process of getting a UV tattoo. These are applied just like regular tattoos and are virtually invisible in normal light but when viewed under ultraviolet(UV) light, it glows. Pretty amazing.

UV tattoo expert, Richard at Body Decor Tattoo & Piercing(Singapore) explains UV inks generally have a life expectancy of around 5 years until they eventually fade and no longer glow. He adds the latest incarnation of this special UV ink is quite safe to use, however as with regular tattoo ink some people may experience allergic reaction.

So why get a tattoo when most of time you can’t see it?

To some people, the whole point of getting a regular tattoo is to decorate your body so that it can be seen. Given that UV tattoos can only be seen under UV light, it’s going to be a fairly limited audience to view the tattoo. But as explained by Joan in the video, her father has quite a conservative attitude towards tattoos, so this is a compromise. I guess generally speaking many older generation Singaporean people have a conservative attitude towards tattoos and body art, where tattoos were once (perceived) the domain of blue collar workers, sailors, criminals and gang members. But as anyone knows, the coolest of cool Singaporeans, male or female, has been inked in some way or another, so as they say, it’s horses for courses.

UV tattoos are also apparently popular with some ravers and clubbers, presumably the glow looks pretty amazing whilst dancing under blacklight(UV) lighting.

Coloured Ink.

UV tattoos are available in different colours, however the inks in these tattoos can be seen under normal light but glow vividly when viewed under UV light.