Human brandingSingaporean tattoo guru and writer of A Tattooed Blog, Noel Boyd, presents this episode of Skin Art with expert Marc Pinto who demonstrates how human branding is done.

As Noel explains, human branding is an artist burning a design onto someones skin to form a permanent scar.


Whilst this sounds like a pretty painful experience to go through, Marc explains it’s a controlled third degree cauterized burn made with a proper medical cauterizer at a constant a temperature. This allows the burn to be done quickly and safely.

Marc tells us, the level of pain is not as bad as you think. The cauterized burn eliminates most of the pain receptors in the burn process and it feels more or less like a bad sunburn. Healing time takes about 2 or 3 weeks with a scab forming. Eventually after 2 to 6 months the scar will turn white revealing the fully healed permanent scar.

At present, Marc Pinto is the only person in Singapore doing professional human branding.

Below: Episode 1 of Skin Art, Human Branding.