As accepted as tattoo’s are in modern western culture now, face tattoos are still a rare sight to be seen on the average man or woman. Yeah, you walk down a crowded street and you can see people proudly displaying tatts on their arms, legs and necks, but it’s rare to see a facial tattoo. The jury is still out on facial tattoos, even to the extent that many tattoo artists simply refuse do them or at least need to have plenty of convincing before they go ahead.

Given that facial tattoos and markings are nothing new in some cultures… to name a few: New Zealand’s Maoris with the “Moko”, Borneo’s Ukit tribe, Chindok tribe Myanmar,  Ayatal tribe Taiwan and Kaiapos tribe from Brazil …have all been known to sport facial markings of some sort and it’s no wonder people have been drawn to the modern primitive movement in recent decades.

Tattoorazzi reader, Daegan recently send me a link to pictures of his facial tattoos and piecings, so I just couldn’t resist the temptation to ask him more about these intriguing tattoos.

Daegan full face tattoo and piecings

Daegan face tattoos and piecings

Daegan rear view

Which country and city are you in, and which tattoo studio did you get the tattoos done? 

I’m actually in NYC.  All facial stuff and anything recent was all done at The Village Moon, it’s in Queens NY, Jackson Heights.

What sort of reaction do you get from people walking down the street? Have any old ladies fainted? 

I mean yeah, I consistently get stares, tons of compliments on the work itself, questions and questions (the best is did you do it yourself? and then after they ask they realize how dumb it was to ask that… for some reason or another it seems to just pop into people’s heads alot first, as well as that it is automatically assumed I’m coincidentally a tattoo artist).  It’s more that people are intrigued.  They just kind of just say ‘wow’, amazed, never seen something like it alot say, but no one has really ever said anything nasty or negative so far as I did expect that here and there, so let’s hope it stays that way LOL.   I get that shock factor too, like unexpected, as a good example is like in a store coming around aisles, I’ll get a ‘whoa’ and they will just stop short because I guess they don’t know what to expect.  I must also add that alot of people seem to kind of get a weird attachment like they want to be my friend automatically, its kind of weird but that does happen alot as well.

That’s a massive nose ring you have and quite large diameter and heavy. Does it cause any problems? 

Well I can’t sleep with it in, I have to put in a retainer.  I learned as well I can’t keep in the super big one for an entire nonstop day, way too much stress, it kind of almost started to tear or scratch the edge of my nose, can’t think of a good word.  But nothing bad, just put in the retainer and it just healed right away I’d say.  Nothing else bad though about it, I love it.

Facial tattoos are often controversial, and many tattoo artists refuse to do them…. did your artist have any issue with doing them for you? 

Well I first got one on my head, and my old artist just wanted me to think about it a bit, but I already had sleeves and ink here and there, otherwise he said he probably wouldn’t do that.  But facial, I told the artist I’ve been going to for awhile now what I wanted, he’s crazy too like me LOL, just went for it.


Have your tattoos had any effect on your employment or gaining new employment? 

Well, since I started getting facial tattoos, it was actually right after I was laid off.  I wanted to go to that level and I also knew I would want to pursue a career in body piercing and tattooing.  I took some time off, and soonthereafter my artist actually began to teach me…

What other tattoos do you have on your body? 

I have both arm sleeves, then just randomness all over, just pieces here and there, nothing else all that crazy, chest, stomach, a few small things on my legs, back, etc.

Where to from here. Do you have any plans for more  tattoos/ piecing / branding etc lined up for the future? 

Yeah, my next big thing is my leg.  I want a leg sleeve.  A snake starting at the foot and just crawling up and around…

Nice chatting..thanks!

Cheers 😉