To sum up the current tattoo climate in Perth is to say Perth people love tattoos. Rest assured tattoo artists, your work is well and truly appreciated here.

Perth Tattoo Carnival 2010

The Perth Tattoo Carnival was held over 3 days from May 28-30 at the centrally located Perth Convention Centre. As this was the first PTAA(Professional Tattooing Association of Australia) event held in Perth, it was pleasing to see how well attended this show was. So much so, that it was necessary to join the long queue, just to get in. Long queues are a good sign, I’m a fan of mob mentality haha.

I chose to attend on the Saturday, with the tattoo competition on that day the major drawcard, as it promised to be an opportunity to get plenty of great photos. The $30 entry fee was a little steep I thought for the average punter, but I guess Perth Convention Centre is not cheap to rent for an event like this, otherwise I would have gone on Sunday also. Anyway that’s business.

I was interested to see what sort of people attended this event, and as it turned out there was a mixture of young and old, male/female in a 60:40 ratio, and strangely nearly all people seemed to be white aussies, which didn’t reflect Perth’s multicultural population.

Tattoo carnival Perth 2010

On lookers and stalls at Perth Tattoo Carnival 2010

Tattooist and Client

Tattooist and client discussing the next job

Tattoo Artists Stalls

South West Tattoo

SouthWest Tattoo

The Tatt Shop

The Tatt Shop. One of the larger stalls at the carnival.

The Tatt Shop at Perth Tattoo Carnival

The Tatt Shop stall, staff and clients

Reilly's Tattoo and Art Gallery

Reilly’s Tattoo and Art Gallery

Artistic Skin Art Tattooing

Artistic Skin Art Tattooing

Neil Holland Tattooing

Neil Holland Tattooing

Five Star Tattoo at Perth Tattoo Carnival

Fremantle based Five Star Tattoo at the Perth Tattoo carnival

Rens Ink at Perth Tattoo Carnival

Ren’s Ink

Lust for Life (QLD)

Lust for Life Tattoo from Queensland. One of the few interstate tattoo shops to make it to Perth

Marc Pinto tattooing with traditional instruments at Perth Tattoo Carnival

Unplugged: Marc Pinto of Primitive Tattoo using traditional hand tattoo tools

One of the more interesting featured tattoo artists at the carnival was Marc Pinto of Primitive Tattoo. Marc has recently been featured in several episodes of Noel Boyd’s online video documentaries Skin Art, on Singapore’s, one of which shows Marc tattooing using traditional hand tools. Seeing this technique immediately brought to mind Japanese tattoo master Horiyoshi III, who is famous for his full body suits done by hand tattoo tools. Having a tattoo done by Horiyoshi III is considered a great honour and may take several years to complete. Marc has also extensively studied the tattoo artwork, styles and techniques of the indigenous people of Sarawak and other parts of Borneo, most of which is done by hand tattooing techniques.

Some of the many famous clients to be inked by Marc include John Butler, Jessica Mauboy, Paulini from Young Divas, Trace Cyrus from Metro Station and Vanessa Amorosi.

However tattoos aside, Marc Pinto is also skilled in piercing and body modifcations, having completed training in San Francisco under the legendary “Father of Modern Primative movement”, Fakir Musafar who is renowned for taking body art to a whole new level. Hence, Marc’s deep understanding of tattoos, body modification and indigenous cultures give you some idea why his studios in Perth and Singapore are named Primitive Tattoo.

See links at end of post for more information.

Marc Pinto using modern tattoo equipment

Marc Pinto is also an expert using modern tattooing equipment.

Tattoo Competition

Saturday afternoon saw the tattoo competition take place. This was divided into male and female and several different tattoo categories, such as best small tattoo, large tattoos, chest, back, legs and so on.

Best male legs tattoo catergory

Judging: the best tattoo male leg category

Guys strut their stuff on stage

Guys on parade. Guys show off leg tatts to the crowd

Ghetto blaster in best male side tattoo

Ghetto blaster: Contestant in best male side tattoo

Interesting eureka stockade tattoo

An interesting Eureka Stockade themed tattoo. The other leg appears to have a similar styled American civil war theme.

Bob Marley leg tattoo

Portrait Category: Bob Marley tattoo on upper leg

Star Wars styled leg tattoo

Star Wars themed tattoo on lower leg. Obi Wan and Yoda

Mythology themed back tattoo

Large black catergory:  mythogoly themed tattoo on back

ZZ Top themed back tattoo

An awesome full colour ZZ Top styled tattoo. Featuring Billy Gibbons, Frank Beard and Dusty Hill. Also check the iconic red 1933 Ford Coupe “Eliminator” so often associated with ZZ Top videos.

Travelling man tattoo

Portrait category tattoos: Traveling man . Not sure who this is…but was based on a photo.

Rolf Harris tattoo

Rolf Harris tattoo portrait. This fabulous piece was done by tattoo artist Byron Drechsler of Frontyard Tattoo(SA)

Werewolf tattoo on upper leg

Werewolf tattoo portrait on upper leg

Aussie soldiers at war tattoo

Iconic image of aussie soldiers at war.

Good and bad kittens tattoo

Tattoos of good and evil kittens.

Tattoo of famous faces

Famous faces tattoo. Is that Angelina Jolie?

Female vampire on lower leg

Vampire girl tattoo on lower leg

Best overall dody tattoo contestant

One of the contestants in Best Overall Tattooed Female

Contestant in best overall tattooed male

Contestant in best overall tattooed male

Contestants in best overall tattooed male

Two more contestants in the best overall tattooed male. Check out the Mad Max tattoo.

Mad Max Tattoo

Mad Max(Mel Gibson) tattoo. Also Jimmy Barnes/Cold Chisel on the other leg

Female Best Overall tattooed

Judging in Best Overall Tattooed female

Contestant Female Best Overall Tattooed Catergory

Contestant in best female tattooed overall

Contestant in Best Overall Tattooed female

Girls on stage - best female tattooed overall

On stage, the girls in best female tattooed overall category