Tattoo of Kittens

Kute Kittens: These kittens look a little concerned about something, judging from the look on their faces. But these are no ordinary kittens, they are in the style of Louis Wain famous for his drawings of large eyed cats and kittens. Extremely successful with his art but towards the end of his life, Wain suffered from ...

Tattoo based on Portland City Seal

Just discoved Portland, 2010 style: A cool tattoo based on the City of Portland seal. I love her red gloves and fish net stockings...and her blonde hair, oh my god I love this girl. Was she sailing on the boat like that? You have to love your city. Tattoo by Rowan at Raw Ink Tattoo, Portland Oregon. Photo by ...

Horned Woman Tattoo

A fantasy piece featuring a lovely lady with an interesting hair style that seems to morph in segmented horns. Almost a little Princess Leia-ish (Star Wars) in style  I thought. And below that is a skull with a rose from the eye socket just for good measure. Tattoo by Derrek Everette of BrokenArtTattoo Los Angeles CA. Photo by brokenarttattoo

Doctor Who

When you're big fan of BBC series, Doctor Who, what could be more fulfilling than getting inked with an image of the good doctors' main mode of transport, the Tardis. Unless of course you're rooting for the bad guys! Photo by barleyguy

Coffee bean tattoo

Here's a tattoo of a coffee bean plant complete with beans still attached. Notice the heart shaped swirl behind the plants reminiscent of the fancy shapes you might get on your frothy coffee. Tattoo by Sandy Jones of Virtue Tattoo, Portland Oregon. Photo by Lay-Luh

Cross stitch tattoo

When you're truly driven by a crafty passion such as cross stitching, you have to go one step further to show your really serious about the craft. That means only one thing: getting a tattoo. Take this tattoo of a cross stitch pattern, who would have thought this looks so cool! Photo by benjibot

Top Cat Tattoo

Two heads are better than one. A tattoo based on the Top Cat character from the original 1960's Hanna-Barbera cartoon series of the same name. Illustration by Dennis Kennedy and tattooed by Lewis Hess.  Photo by richardjule510

Daegan full face tattoo and piecings

As accepted as tattoo's are in modern western culture now, face tattoos are still a rare sight to be seen on the average man or woman. Yeah, you walk down a crowded street and you can see people proudly displaying tatts on their arms, legs and necks, but it's rare to see a facial tattoo. The jury ...

Small tattoos are cool

Whilst tattoos can be seriously large pieces, such as a large tattoo encompassing the entire back, on the chest, half sleeve style or even a full Japanese style body suit. But sometimes, less is more, as they say... take this small diamond tattoo on the finger. This could be the one and only tattoo on your body ...

At first glance this tattoo looked slightly Freemasonish, but on closer inspection I think it's more cartographic-ish. That's a map maker by the way. Photo by sheriffmitchell

Owl tattoo on the side/back

Owls: Bird of the night, hunter, mysterious psychic energy, symbol of wisdom. Or just plain cute? Whatever reason, owl tattoos will never go out of style (unlike tribal tattoos), so they make a good choice 🙂 Photo by Andy.Schultz

Koi tattoo on feet

This tattoo is an interesting mix of an astrological star sign(Pisces) and the famous Koi fish tattoo. Much symbolism in both of these: Piscean being a water sign, symbolises someone constantly trying to adapt to the feelings of others (reaally?). The Koi fish is a traditional tattoo symbolising strength, courage and the ability to overcome ...